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An Unusual Case of False Advertising

The name of the boat from the main island Malta to the small island Comino was 'The Captain Morgan'. 

Advertising as a booze cruise with the popular rum brand name Captain Morgan, I assumed that the boat would be overflowing with rum to "casually" pass the 1'ish hour trip to the island.  That is the whole point of a booze cruise, right?

There wasn't a single drop of rum on the entire boat.

There was only horror.

Wine in a juice/water dispenser. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Photo taken: September 9th, 2016

What's worse than a booze cruise called Captain Morgan that has no rum available? A booze cruise called Captain Morgan that has juice dispensaries pumping bubbles into "wine" (completely oxidizing the already 35 degree plus sun-soaked plastic containers), and no other alcohol on board other than warm beer. 

I especially like how they wrote 'Still Water'. As if sparkling water could survive in those conditions.

My friend and I laughed for a long time about this one. At first it was like a nervous 'Aw hell that's so gross... should we try it?' kind of laugh, then turned into a 'This is absurd, good thing we have our own beers!' laugh. Good thing we were always prepared with our own backpacks of beers and snacks for our Malta adventures!

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