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At the End of the World with a Pigeon

This pigeon decided to sit down and share a moment with me at the edge of Europe: Cape of St. Vincent in Portugal.  

Photo taken: January 25th, 2015

The Cape of St. Vincent in Sagres (Cabo de São Vicente) in Portugal is known for it's jagged cliffs, rugged landscape, and for being located the most south-westerly you can get in Europe. It has long been called and remembered as The End of the World. But I remember it (I had honestly forgotten until I saw this photo) for the rather odd experience of sharing a moment with... a pigeon. 

Sat on the edge of the cliff, I wondered what it was like to be alive during the Golden Age of Discovery. What it was like to explore the world completely blind to what was out there, be able to fill in the blank spots that existed on maps , and tried to imagine thinking that where I sat could indeed be the end of the world.

Then a pigeon came up beside me and pecked my arm. 

Cheeky little pigeon, braving the blustery winds and barren ground, hopped on up, scratched away some rocks, and sat down beside me. He (she?) was the only bird around and apparently thought I needed some company. I shared some of my thoughts, it looked back at me as if it was listening intently, and we watched the sunset together. 

As the sun set, the temperature started to drop and the wind picked up even more. After spending a good hour and a half with me, the pigeon stood up, made a little hop, then took off, flying away from the edge. Perhaps on his own adventure or Age of Discovery.

An odd moment, without a doubt, but one that makes me smile. A unique experience to share with an unlikely companion at the end of the world.

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