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From the Stash: A New Project

In the evenings, I sometimes find myself looking back through the hundreds (probably thousands) of photos I have stashed away in various folders. 

Each photo, from a different month or year, has a story from when I took it. When I can, I'm going to post that photoand share the story that goes along with it. 

Again, keeping true to what traveling has really been like, I'm not going to edit or filter the photos or the stories. If you want gorgeous edited and filtered pictures with well-thought out click-bait captions for marketing and gaining followers, this is not the travel blog for you.

I hope you enjoy what I have to share and I'm looking forward to your comments.

Taken in February 2015, I was working on my laptop in Porto, Portugal.

I think since I purchased my laptop, I've taken photos using the PhotoBooth app that's available. I have pictures of myself working in various conditions at different times dating back back to 2014. I never take selfies, yet I've been relatively consistent at taking these random working-condition-style photos... probably as a form of procrastination.  But, now, I look back and see how I've changed over the years, as well as the various locations I've had to set up shop to work. 

The above picture I distinctly remember being in the hostel chair, wanting to get a bottle of port and drink it while I worked... which I did. 

I didn't say every story was going to be a great adventure!

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