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Tackling the Dust & Dirt

This is the newly paved and fixed road going out of the village towards the beach. 

First, there is a woman on a semi-automatic scooter not wearing a helmet, of course. It's very rare to see locals, especially around town, wearing a helmet on themselves or their children. You can get fined for not wearing a helmet, but I've only ever seen that happen to tourists or in the capital city. 

Second, a young man is watering the road. When you cut down the majority of plants and trees and have construction trucks filled with dirt and stones going by on a dirt and stone road 24 hours a day, it gets pretty damn dusty. Unfortunately, this is the case across most of Cambodia.

Most of the country (villages, towns, cities, small roads and big roads) is a very dusty and dry place to be. When riding my bike, I always have a face mask, but I should probably be wearing it whenever I walk this street. The brown dirt and dust coats everything and gets stuck up your nose and dries out your eyeballs. Many shops will often take a bit of time once or twice a day to water their storefront and the road in front to minimize the amount of dust in the air that blows into their shop or restaurant. Plus, it's way easier to stand there with a hose than it is to sweep an entire floor. 

I'm not 100% sold that this method actually keeps the dust down over the long run. My nose snot has definitely changed it's composition. 

Last but not least, the red sign to the left is the sign of a restaurant. Restaurant signs are almost always: Large and red, have beer slogans on both ends of the sign, have some photos of the food they offer on it, and then have the restaurant name in the middle. Outside, they have big signs showing pictures of food, sometimes with prices. It's pretty helpful when they have the pictures especially when you can't read the language.  In this case, the sign has both Khmer and English on it, which isn't unusual for around tourist areas. It's called Happy Paradise Pizza. How they think of these names, I will never know, but they're great.

No helmets, some casual dirt watering, and some happy (but not too happy at this location) pizza. All on my 5 minute walk to the pharmacy. 

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