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Convenient Motorcycle Gas Stations


A common town/village gas station. 

You can get gas for trucks, cars, motorcycles, whatever really, from the tube connected to what appears to be a measurement beaker and then the actual barrel of gas. This is a pretty high-tech setup for a small shop gas dispensary, since usually at smaller shops gas comes in recycled 1L coca cola glass bottles. You can purchase 1L at a time and they have a funnel to put the gas into your tank.

I have no idea if the quality is any different (probably) and the price (I'm pretty sure) is the same, but people don't really seem to care. I was warned against the glass bottle gas and only using them in a time of emergency, so it is probably not the greatest quality. I have only run out of gas once and, wow, was it handy to only have to push my motorcycle 500m to a small shop to get a couple litres to continue on. 

Western style gas stations do exist with actual pumps and meters, where you pull in and they pump up for you (you never pump yourself.) There are usually several large gas stations around a city or town, with one outside almost every village. But, for some reason, people fill up like this instead.

I'm not an expert on this subject, but it does seem a bit dangerous to have gas hanging around in barrels and glass bottles

That aside, it's quite convenient!

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