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Project Day-to-Day Cambodia: #28 - The Final Post

Where I am currently sitting and usually sit to work and write each day. A little squinty, but not bad considering it was the first and only photo I took. I debated taking another to look less squinty... but I am how I am!

This is my last Day-to-Day Cambodia post, since it is now the end of the month. At the beginning, I committed to writing each day about a photo I took as I went along normally living my life. With no photo editing and only a short story to accompany the photo, I hope that you now know more about the life and culture in Cambodia from my perspective. 

It's been a fun yet eye-opening project for me as well. I forced myself to really look at my surroundings, where I went each day (if anywhere), and tried to recall if what I saw and experienced was something that may be of interest to those who have never been to Cambodia (or have been but like to reminisce.)  I have been in Cambodia for about 6 months, and Southeast Asia since January 2017,  and some things that I consider common and 'the usual', used to not be common or usual. I have grown to accept aspects of basic living, culture, and language that I previously may have found odd, different, or offensive.  

Recognizing these differences, acknowledging each day, and being able to share a few stories with you, has helped me appreciate my life in this village and the time that I have here.

Going forward, I have a few ideas, so check back in a week or so for my next project. Thanks for following along!

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