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Modern Childcare: Phones and Sharp Objects

Kids these days. It's really not that much different around the world. 

Noses stuck in a phone or tablet, watching videos or playing games, it's pretty much the same wherever I have traveled. Kids, including babies, watching cartoons or playing games for several hours at a time. Once, in the Cambodian countryside, I met a young girl, around 9 years old, who was watching a war movie. Blood and limbs and pretty R rated.  She seemed to enjoy it and her parents didn't seem to mind her watching that content. When I changed it to Dora the Explorer, she knew how to change it back to her war movie.  

For the boys around here... (purely by chance it's all boys, by the way, almost none of the families gave birth to girls that are this age)... If it's a holiday, too hot outside, or their parents aren't making them do something, they're usually on their family's or friend's tablet or phone. From what I've seen, each kid definitely doesn't have their own device, but borrows it from a parent or older sibling who will share when they aren't using it. 

It makes finding an available electrical plug to charge anything next to impossible. Especially since there's usually only one (maybe two) plugs per building floor. 

Mind you, these boys get up to some serious outdoor play and mischief. They know all the pathways and shortcuts to disappear into while running around, sword fight with scrap metal from the construction pile, know how to light off fireworks inside of things to make explosions big enough for me to want to run before it goes off, know how to create molotov cocktails, have no issue shaking mice and rats they catch until they're dead, and generally run around wreaking havoc and rolling around in the dirt. Parental supervision here consists of yelling for assistance at the business, meal time, or bed time.

Parental supervision. Now that's a thought. I think if I tried to explain western-style parental supervision and child locks and restrictions to a local, it wouldn't make any sense. Why supervise kids who are running around doing stupid things? Why not let them watch war movies? Why not kill a rat that is considered a useless, inedible nuisance that attracts snakes?

Raising kids isn't easy. At least here, the whole village does keep an eye out, even if it's just to make sure the fireworks aren't setting anything important on fire.


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