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A Lesson in Resourcefulness

A Lexus being towed through town by a wooden pole.

Resourceful doesn't even begin to describe Cambodians. Whichever way they can get a job done is how they will do it. I've towed other motorcycles with a ripped up t-shirt, attaching my bike to the other to tow it, but I have never seen an SUV/car towed quite like this. Actually, I don't think I've even seen a tow-truck. 

Our western concept of doing things "properly" or with "safety" or "within regulation and rules" are rather laughable. Here, those concepts are more like guidelines you can choose to ignore completely. Whenever there is a problem or something needs to be done, it's usually done in a way that is consensually considered resourceful and reasonable.

Reason, or sound judgment, usually doesn't quite line up with the western way of approaching a problem or task.  If something can be accomplished in a less expensive but just as effective way, why not do it? For as much as I laughed when I saw this roll through town, I think the wooden pole is quite innovative... as long as it stays attached.

If it works, it works. 

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