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Cleaning up the Village Garbage

Signs of starting to try to tackle the garbage.

In the photo, this is the first I've seen of community garbage collection and sorting. Everywhere around Cambodia and Southeast Asia (really, most of the world) garbage is a huge problem. Garbage collection is inconsistent, there aren't garbage bins, and most people don't really care about throwing their garbage wherever they feel like it. I'd hike hours through the jungle in national parks and find empty water bottles thrown on the ground.

In the village and along the beach there is a garbage collection agency that picks up garbage bags set out on the street. From what I've heard, it is very inconsistent and I'm not entirely sure where the garbage goes after. 

Burning garbage is the most common way to dispose of it. This includes everything from plastic to toilet paper to tires and leftover grass from rice harvests. Burning it is often the only way, especially in remote locations, that garbage gets cleaned up. 

There is a can recycling program where you can get something like 5 cents a can, so you do see children, usually, going around collecting cans. Beer cans I think are worth a little more. There is no recycling for anything else, even glass. People are sometimes resourceful creating other needed tools, objects, buildings, art, re-using glass to hold items, etc. There are also groups of foreigners who do village and beach clean-up groups, offering a free meal or beer for whoever joins to help make where we live less dirty.  But, most of it gets burned.

Hopefully, this sort of collection bin leads to more local understanding to recycling and also less litter strewn about. 

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