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A Daily Route on the Road to the Jungle Party


A Daily Road

The other paved road in the village. 

Rumour has it that this concrete road, the only other paved road off the main road, was specifically built and paid for by someone who didn't want to drive on a dirt road to his house. 

All of the businesses down here are booming with tourism and things change on a nearly daily basis. The big red sign advertises a water house... not sure where that is exactly. Other signs along the left advertise other businesses down the road, and of course, the typical electrical wiring is all in some sort of chaotic mix hanging all over the place. Pretty standard wiring. Although, that leaning pole I'm not so sure how long that will actually stay standing... or leaning. 

It's a road I take almost every day to go see my friends who have restaurants and hostels in the village. If I feel like being social and going out, guaranteed on any night, something will be happening down here. 

Kerfuffle - The Jungle Party

Kerfuffle. The jungle party. 

Every Wednesday from 11PM to 10AM, you can take a ride out into the jungle and enter a whole other world. Wooden ramps, a massive pirate ship, wooden artwork, the DJ stage on an old car with a little automatic circular car ride on top, the ferris wheel, people spinning fire for a fire show, and more, Kerfuffle is quite the experience. 

It only happens during high season and is really quite popular, with people coming from all over the region to dance and hang out and do whatever party-goer's do. I went once last year, for New Years, and then the other night. I think it's one of those things that does get a bit old after a while. kind of like going to the same club all of the time. Plus, it's definitely a tourist event with the price to get in of $10USD being quite expensive. 

It's a great spot to meet new people or run into old friends from the village and beach. I always end up sitting on the pirate ship on the edge, feet dangling off and chatting with whoever I go with or whoever ends up sitting beside me. It's the perfect birds-eye view of everything going on.  The event and environment is generally happy and fun, and as you can imagine, a few interesting characters to watch or talk to who are in their own altered reality. 

Watching the sun rise is something I try to reserve for when I'm waking up early, not staying up late. But, sometimes I get kerfuffled and end up out in the jungle watching the sun rise. 

Cleaning up the Village Garbage

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