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Cambodian Worker Accommodation


Beside where I live, they are building a 3-floor apartment building. The workers for that building (and their wives and children) live beside the construction site in this home. Usually the workers are from the countryside, so it makes sense to move close to their work and live in free accommodation. 

Frequently out front they have little cooking fires inside and outside, a laundry line, some chairs in the evening to socialize, and all have beds and hammocks with mosquito nets inside. There is also a loft section that you can't see from this photo where the majority of them sleep. Beside this building is a room with a shower and a toilet. Many of the construction materials and motorbikes are also parked in front and around the construction site, making it seem chaotic, but it is rather organized when you watch them work and know exactly where to get a tool or material. 

At any given time, about 15-20 people live inside this building. The families living there change based on their expertise. For a while, there were workers who did frame and concrete construction. Now, I believe, it's mostly interior painters, kitchen builders, and laying tiles. Regardless of the group, they are awake around 6:30AM, take lunch from 11:30-12:30, and stop work around 6:00PM. 

This living arrangement is very common across all of southeast Asia, especially Chinese construction sites. On those sites, they have massive living arrangements all built like a suburb within or along the construction walls. I can't say how the living condition is inside those units, but my neighbours seem quite content with this arrangement. They laugh and play cards and are all together, day-in-day-out. 

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