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Not the Travel Brochure View

Not exactly something you see on the brochure for visiting the beach, eh?

This is the road I drive from the village to my favourite spot on the Otres 1 beach. It's only a couple kilometres, but it's pretty uninspiring, other than the ocean view on the left that you can catch glimpses of through the the walls. This is also the road that leads to the city of Sihanoukville. Sometimes I walk, but if I do, I walk along the beach.

On the right, the big red entrance is written in Chinese and Khmer and marks the entrance to a massive construction complex for (I think) a huge hotel and resort. Usually, for large infrastructure projects or companies, entrances and signs will all be in the language of the company. For example, I saw these types of signs with hydro-electric dam projects across Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. The buildings along the blue fence are where the workers live on-site. At night, I caught a glimpse inside a window and there were many bunkbeds inside one unit. Since I was here 7 months ago, not a whole lot appears to have changed other than more land has been completely cleared and there is more dust. 

On the left is vacant land that is owned by someone... we all pretty much know who, but I can't quite say openly online. Everything online is monitored here, by the way. On the opposite side of that vacant land on the left is a dirt road that goes along the side of the entire beach, then the beach and water. It's hard to say how long it will take for development to begin all along this road, but 'they've' been threatening for years to tear down all of the businesses that are on the beach side of the dirt road.

It isn't the prettiest route, but the destination is certainly worth it, especially while the destination still stands. 

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