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Asian Beds: Oh, the Variety

My luxury queen-sized bed with a proper mattress that is of medium softness. It is so rare to come by a bed this comfortable in Southeast Asia. 

It might seem kinda weird that I'm talking about my bed, but little do some of you know, finding an amazing bed is really, really difficult. I've spent a lot of time in my bed over the past two days (I've had a cold/flu), and each day I appreciate and thank my luck that I have a comfortable mattress. 

Most beds, or places I've slept, have been: A thin piece of foam on a raised platform, a bamboo mat on the floor, a bamboo floor, a wooden floor, a hammock, or what looks like a mattress but when you lay down it bruises your ass or your hip bones.  I've met quite a few people who choose to try to sleep on their pillows on their bed, using their backpack as a pillow. 

In guesthouses and hotels, you get thin, hard mattresses. The more expensive the guesthouse or hotel, usually the more stiff the mattress will be. In homestays, usually foam pieces, bamboo mats, or hammocks. Hostels are a bit of a toss-up, depending on the price and how popular it is and how much they cater to westerners. Usually it's a thin, hard mattress. It's not that medium/soft mattresses don't exist, or that it's impossible to buy them, but I think it is because there isn't much demand for them from local people.  Most locals don't have mattresses (from what I've seen) so it must be a more western concept. I'd imagine in the heat and humidity, you'd have to replace them quite often because of mould and it's just not economical. Even in the north in the cold, sleeping on something hard, wrapped in soft blankets, isn't that physically bruising. 

Sure, sleeping on the equivalent a floor is great for your back. Tightly tied hammocks are flat and swing you to sleep like a baby, and, when you're exhausted, anywhere with a roof and somewhere to curl up will do. But right now, when I don't feel so great, I really appreciate my bed. 

I even have a second pillow. Luxury.

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