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Watching the Construction Development Rise

A small house with construction happening behind it. 

On my way to a small shop that sells peanut butter just on the edge of town (it's a luxury that's been impossible to find outside of Cambodia and Thailand,) there is a small home and then a new road leading to a construction site. 

You can see the home is quite modest with a laundry line and outhouse for the bathroom. This is quite typical for most of the poorer Cambodians and not something that I really notice as being different anymore.  What is different are the massive cranes in an area of land that has already been cleared for development. 

The whole Sihanoukville area (this region of Cambodia) has been cleared and purchased for development of mega-hotels, casinos, and houses, primarily by Chinese companies. Chinese development and 'China taking over' always comes up in conversation one way or another. If you're interested in reading about it, the Phnom Penh Post wrote about Exploring Chinese Investment in Sihanoukville and even Reuters talking about the China-Cambodia relationship with Casinos

Large development projects along the beach like this mean that the landscape will change quite drastically in the next decade. I feel like it is similar to how Playa del Carmen and Tulum in Mexico changed over time. Change is inevitable, for good or for bad, and it's interesting watching it happen and the local/foreign reactions.

I'm just happy I have a beach and a relaxing place, for the moment.

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