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Otres Village: A Home for Artists

Amazing artwork is not too difficult to come by in Otres, but this dragon is by far my favourite.

At this bar/restaurant (Mizza's/Chicandos), the entire roof of the place (about 750ft sq. is covered with a massive dragon made of various materials and lights, including wings. I'm always amazed every time visit this place and get to see the dragon. I was here on the weekend and left a tab that I needed to go pay, so last night I had a good opportunity to admire it and take this photo which doesn't do it justice. 

This village, even as it grows and changes, is still very much a place where artists and musicians are embraced. Artwork in businesses and on the streets contributes to the overall vibe and feeling of the village as you walk around. While walking past, you can tell if you would like the place that day/evening depending on the decorations, installations, and artwork, as well as the type of music that is playing.

There is truly something for everyone depending on your preference. Art ranges from graffiti and trippy light installations to clean, minimalist simple furniture and paintings. Music ranges from hardcore techno and psychedelic trance to live jazz and 80's rock.  The music can sometimes (well, often) cause problems with neighbours/paying guests trying to sleep. That is a whole other topic, though, since I myself have issues with neighbouring businesses, and I'll maybe talk about that another time when it's relevant to my day.

Some places offer daily and weekly classes (paid or free) to explore your art, whether it's learning to draw or paint, dance, or learn a new musical instrument. If you have a skill or talent, it's quite common to partner with a location and offer it as a special class to make some extra cash, splitting profits for using their space. 

There's no shortage of activities, which can make it quite difficult to focus on getting work done and not end up dedicating full days learning how to spin fire on a staff.

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