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The Joys of Living in Nature

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If you're sensitive to the usual phobias of insects and rodents and other slithering/crawling/creeping creatures, Cambodia is a place that forces you to get over those phobias reeeealllly quick. 

Earlier today, I tried killing a spider in my sink. Know what it did? It jumped like a grasshopper. More like leapt to freedom. He jumped so far, I had no idea where he went, and now I'm left knowing there's a jumping spider somewhere. 

Just 5 minutes ago while I was on my patio, a giant football-sized rat ran by. I'm not kidding when I say it was the size of a football. A football as in NFL punt it football. It runs so fast that you don't even have time to become traumatized but wonder if it was truly a rat or a cat or a puppy. Once at the beach, I moved my chair and saw a dead little mouse paw in the sand. Turns out, it was a rat. A rat so big that my group of friends and I become more and more traumatized at the size of it as we tried to dig it up to put it in the garbage. 

In my garden and my neighbour's gardens, there are all sorts of creepy crawlies with more legs than is necessary to survive, colourful to the point where it's just obnoxious, and some I have been told can be quite dangerous if touched or disturbed. A local showed me a brown frog that spits in your eyes to temporarily blind you or worse, depending on the size of the frog. Even he didn't get too close when showing me. A spitting frog... why. Why!?

Large blue and red geckos make a sound like 'fuck you', so you're being told off all of the time. Little geckos stare at you from your wall all night long. Snakes are less common in populated areas, but they do exist, and they aren't the nice ones that rattle before you get too close. I'll avoid talking about snakes, though (you're welcome, Mom!)  Mosquitos, as I've mentioned, are pretty relentless. There are these giant wasp/bee/hornet/red-furry-flying things that apparently knock you out if you get stung.

Nature and evolution has a lot of fun here, that's for sure. The good thing is that most creatures don't kill you, they just maim you at varying degrees. Enough maiming and you might die, but for the most part, I've been told only snakes in the jungle are the real concern for death. I guess I can sleep knowing my jumping spider is probably just jumping around....somewhere... safely.

Sorry for the lack of photos. The creatures either go too fast... or I'm running away too fast to bother taking a pic. 

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