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Morning Strolls & Bouncy Castles


A quiet 7:30AM morning beach.... yes, that is a bouncy castle in the water.

Being up late, or waking up early, shows a whole different side to the beach. One with super calm, glass-like water, sounds of birds and no music, and hardly anyone around. There are definitely the occasional fitness enthusiasts out for their run, or stragglers from the bar getting home, but it's overall very peaceful. 

The bouncy castle in the water is apparently super hard because you slip and slide on the plastic and have to haul yourself out of the water onto one of the various platforms. It's a few dollars to go have fun and I have seen both locals and foreigners flying around on it.  I definitely want to give it a try, but it's one of those things where I feel like I'll end up just looking like a frustrated seal trying to get onto a rock but falling back into the water. 

One of these days... 

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