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It was Friday night and you know what that means? Trivia Night! (And blurry photos, apparently.)

My village, Otres, is a pretty big mix of both locals and westerners, especially during high season. However, in almost any town or city, I have always found others just like me from all over the world, getting together for events that we miss from back home. My favourite way to spend Friday night is going to trivia with my usual team of friends and spend a few hours enjoying laughs and drinks and making sure my brain hasn't become too lazy. 

The bar, Woody's, is owned by a Canadian and set up like a Canadian wooden lodge. Sometimes I forget where I am and think I'm right back in my own country, hanging with buddies on a trivia night.

It's a nice break each week and, if you ever decide to come visit, you now know where to find me on Friday nights!

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