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Project Day-to-Day Cambodia: Life in the Kingdom of Wonder

The Short Explanation:

Everyday in February, I am going to take one photo from my day, write something small about it, and post it here for whoever wants to read it. 

You get to see random parts of living in Cambodia. I get to write more. That's pretty much the gist of it. Win-win?

The Long Explanation:

To begin:

  1. I definitely do not write for myself or others as much as I want to. It's like my brain is playing a joke on me every time I sit down to write a blog post or in my journal. Showdown time, Brain. 
  2. I think social media is ruining people's lives and I honestly can't stand the social media obsession. I once ended up hiking in the jungle of Vietnam for 6 hours with two early 20's male backpackers who had to stop every 5 minutes to pose by a tree, loudly exclaim 'Such a good profile pic!' and 'Oh man, just lean a little that way and you'll look ripped.' I tried to get away, but they had a longer legs than me and I failed to run fast enough. 
  3. I take hundreds of photos while traveling and maybe one will turn out sorta good. I take that sorta good one, edit the shit out of it so it's perceived as beautiful to everyone who sees it, and then keep the remaining hundreds to eventually remind me of the actual journey that happened along the way. 

The above 3 points have bothered me.


I want to write more, but I don't. I dislike social media and how it's turned entire generations into hunched over slugs unable to escape the dopamine cycle of likes and hearts, yet I use it.  I don't understand why I spend time taking a precious place or moment or conversation from my life and then manipulate it for the masses.

So, to hell with it all. I'll go the opposite way. I am going to write whatever I want about a random photo taken from my day with no filters, edits, or wondering where the best shot would be taken from. I will continue on life as usual living here, but take some time each day to show you the real side of life and travel. 

No bullshit, no posing, no edits, just how it is. Reality.

Just as I finished writing that last paragraph at 1:30 AM, I thought maybe I had something unique. but immediately after I heard the large Tokay Gecko make his evening mating call which sounds exactly like: 'Fuck You'. 

Photo 1 Day 1


This is me in my bungalow right now, 1:50 AM on a Friday morning. Keeping it classy. I received at least 3 mosquito bites while writing this, each one reminding me it could be dengue fever (again), and that I really want to go to bed. So, this is my 'well, here we go' face. 

I wonder what I'll take a picture of tomorrow!

Cambodian Worker Accommodation

Time to Stay Still