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Time to Stay Still

A new year has come and it's time to change things up. I'm staying in one spot for several months for the first time in a year and a half.

For the last 5 months, I traveled alone on my motorcycle just under 10,000km through Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam.  When I began, I didn't really think much of it. I was riding a motorcycle to my destinations, big deal. Along the way, it truly became the journey and time on the road that was life-changing, not the destination.  

I do hope to write about these experiences and my time on the road in posts to come in the future! 

So, now what? First, I'm back in Otres Village on the southern coast of Cambodia. I loved it here when I stayed on the beach for 2 months from May-July. It was always a place I kept in my mind if I ever needed somewhere to go, somewhere to stop, or somewhere to find people who would help me if any situation arose. 

All of the above reasons for returning happened. Of course, because something ridiculous always seems to happen! First, I was exhausted from travel and need time to process everything I've seen and done and where I've been. Second, I didn't know what to do next that was feasible financially. And last but not least, I got the tropical mosquito disease Dengue that completely destroyed me for 3 weeks and, after nearly a month, I'm still not 100%.

In summary: I was tired, broke, and hospitalized. 

To recover on so many levels, I moved to Otres. I now have my own clean and well-built studio bungalow in the village. There is a little garden and a front patio to relax on, great internet connection for working, a kitchen so I can enjoy cooking again, a hot shower, and air conditioning. A 10 minute walk to the beach or just around the corner to visit friends, it's a good location. It's calm, semi-quiet (it is a tourist village so always a bit of noise), and feels like a home of sorts. How super weird is that for me!?

Oh, it feels weird. Every day when waking up I have to do this little mental check like 'oh, yeah, you need to stay still for the biggest reasons of life: finance and health and because you actually really do want to stay here' then shake myself and continue on with my day. 

So here I am. Living a very normal life working probably too much, relaxing, making friends, and doing menial life tasks like cleaning and cooking. It just happens to be in Cambodia, where nothing quite works right, corruption is rampant, and I understand next to none of the language.

A perfect spot for me... for now.

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