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Taking Some Time to Prioritize

When traveling becomes like life, things get busy. 

Just like everyone else, I have to figure out how I want my day to go, where I need/want to be, what work needs to be done, finding somewhere to sleep and to eat... Ah hell, I'm just making excuses for not prioritizing and being lazy. 

I'm re-working some of my short term goals this week in terms of:

  • Writing goals
  • Work/financial goals
  • Travel goals

This may mean that I might shut down my blog, or it may mean that I continue on with it with a much larger focus on actually telling you what's going on in my life and all the funny/weird/sad/happy/stupid things that go on. It may also mean I stop traveling and go somewhere to work for a while.... or not work at all. I don't know at this point.

However, I do feel like that every couple of months, traveling or not, reassessing some goals is something everyone should try to do. 

In the meantime, I hope this is a pile of kittens photo puts a smile on your face, and you know that I'm safe and happy in a place that has 5 kittens (1 not featured.)

Talk to you in 7 days!

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