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It's the Small Things

Long-term budget travel can often be very frustrating, regardless of country or region. Change is inevitable, adaptation is a skill practiced daily, your brain is usually tired from being jammed full of information (true and false information,) you have to watch your back constantly, and not every day is the best day ever.  

There are definitely days where I want to throw up my hands and head back to Canada where things kind of make sense... although they may not make sense now. That's a whole other discussion! 

I rarely see online articles published about the difficulties that come along with being consistently nomadic on a budget, changing locations every few days and not spending loads of cash on western luxuries. Without going into the deeper psychological (culture shock) and physical (exhaustion) implications, I wanted to throw out there a list of 'the small things that I have missed about living in Canada. 

Here we go:

  • Getting a big hug from a family member
  • Knowing that I am missing time spent with family
  • Being able to count on a friend to go to the shop for me when I'm sick
  • Being able to walk around alone at night
  • Being able to leave my toothbrush and toothpaste in the bathroom
  • Using a toilet seat I know has been cleaned
  • Speaking English at a higher than average vocabulary level and not worrying if people around me are native speakers or not
  • Sleeping without disturbance for as long as I like on a weekend
  • Hanging out with someone who has known me longer than a couple weeks
  • Fabric softener for my bedsheets
  • Caesars with proper Clamato juice (I know, really)

Somehow, writing out the small thing that I miss, or am lacking, makes it feel okay that I am missing them and I can address what I miss about them. It's not like they don't have fabric softener where I am, they just don't have my favourite. I could leave my toothbrush in the bathroom... if I want to risk someone else using it. I could call people from home who have known me a long time more often. It all looks a bit silly (other than the family member points) when I look at it in this light.  

I don't think I'm the only one that misses things while on the road for a long time, so if you have something to contribute feel free to leave it in the comments.

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