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Why I Am Never Taking a Paid Writing Job Ever Again

I can actually feel my soul being ripped out of my fingers as I type for money. 

I've thought long and hard about why I'm so irritated about this. When working at Tim Hortons, I didn't like smelling like donuts. When working retail, I didn't like having to lie to people constantly. With writing... well... I love writing! So what's the problem?

There I was in a great situation in Malaysia back at the beginning of March thinking I could take some new work writing about design. I’m a designer, I’ve worked as a designer for many years now, there was a list of topics that interested me that needed to be written. The price was okay, not great, but I thought it’d be an easy two weeks. 3 months later, I’m sitting in my hostel bed frustrated at yet more ‘feedback’ and ‘iterations’ and being told that it’s not ‘tight’ enough to be published.

Maybe it’s because the writing I am being paid for is about design, which is my profession. Like the separation between church and state, should there be a separation between your passion hobby (in my case writing creatively) and your actual job? Maybe it’s a nightmare client, maybe I’m not expressing my ideas clearly enough, or really I’m just not cut out to be a pencil prostitute, writing about whatever for cash.

Kudos to those who can, though, especially those online bloggers who make thousands a month spouting out whatever they can think of and enjoy doing it. 

Just another thing I’m learning about that I didn’t know I didn’t know until I tried it. All part of the journey, but hopefully next time I’ll have a more interesting story to tell you!

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