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Hanging on the Mountains in Tonsai

Since March 23rd, I've been hanging out in Tonsai Bay, Thailand. 

I can actually say 'hanging out' because that's what I've been doing... on the side of mountains while rock climbing! Along the way traveling, I've been introduced to rock climbing and discovered that I must have had a past life as a mountain goat, because I absolutely love it for reasons unknown.

In 34 degree weather, I'm sweating and destroying my body with cuts and bruises just for that sensation of accomplishment for getting one particular move or getting to the top. 

Tonsai Bay is a small town located in southern Thailand, about an hour from Krabi town. I found out about it from other rock climbers in Malaysia and I committed to coming here to learn to climb and spend my entire 30 day Thai visa doing so. It's been extraordinarily difficult, both mentally and physically, in ways that I didn't expect. From arriving and initially feeling like a social outcast with body self-esteem issues, it's become a place that I really love and have met great friends and pushed myself way beyond anything that I thought was capable.  

I'll definitely have pictures loading up soon and more stories about Tonsai (and other great places!)

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