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Extending Time in Montenegro

Although I only spent 1 week in Montenegro, time felt like it passed by so slowly. 

I arrived to Kotor on November 14th, stayed for 6 nights, and left from the capital city Podgorica on November 21st after staying 1 night. Montenegro, specifically Kotor, had a way of keeping backpackers there, making even the tightest scheduled of us all extend night after night. I was one of those that kept extending, laughing with my hands in my face as the hostel staff grinned as they said 'it's great to have you another night!'

It could have been the historic hostel building nestled in an old narrow street,

the backpackers and staff I met and the laughs we shared,

the history and feel of the town and surrounding towns and mountains,

life chats with Bob ( (sometimes over beer pong),

teaching someone how to make a snowman for the first time,

having lengthy discussions as to what exactly is 'euro crem',

or the fact that you could see most of Montenegro on day trips. I passed through almost the entire country from north to Zabljak, east to Budva, and central to Podgorica.

It was probably all of the above reasons.

All of the beautiful places, activities, food, funny people, and cheesy moments kept all of us extending and wanting to return as soon as we left. 

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